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caddie services


Dumbarnie Caddie Services

There is simply no better way to experience a day at Dumbarnie Links than to hire one of our experienced caddies to guide you around.

With so many ‘Risk and Reward’ tee shots requiring a firm decision in the golfers mind and the subtlety contouring greens, having the advice of someone who has caddied for countless rounds will make your game all the more fun.

Should you wish to carry your own clubs but share the advice with others in your party, then a Fore Caddie is a great call.

Caddie Fees 2023

Single Caddie     £60 plus gratuity   
Fore Caddie £90 plus gratuity from each player

Payment should be made in Cash (Pounds Sterling) directly to the Caddie on completion of your round.  A gratuity is optional and entirely at your discretion.  The gratuity should be based on the performance and level of knowledge and service you feel your Caddie has provided.  Below is some guidance on recommended gratuities:

Outstanding Service     £40.00 +
Excellent Service £30.00
Good Service £15.00

To request a Caddie, please complete your details below:

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We will endeavour to fulfill all Caddie requests, however, Caddie availability can't always be guaranteed.  Caddies will carry only one bag.

In the low season, Dumbarnie Links supports the  Caddie School for Soldiers programme, a ground-breaking initiative helping battle-weary soldiers regain their confidence and to forge a new and positive path for the future.

If you are interested in joining the Dumbarnie Caddie program please email us at